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Lexi Art & Find An Artist Founder
Mark Lee


Welcome to my “about me” section.

I’ve always had an interest in art and technology and I found much enjoyment from combining these with my own artistic hobby, photography.

Through the years I found myself thoroughly enjoying learning how to set up websites and learn online marketing skills for my own personal uses and through an art/photography collaboration I realised the need for other artists to learn these skill too.

The online world is huge and we can connect instantly to people on the other side of the planet.

As artists, we are no longer restricted by physical location to find people who like our art.

We can grow huge audiences from almost anywhere in the world… finding new people to like and appreciate our artwork.

Understanding this online world and the tools we have available isn’t an easy task and it is constantly changing as new and more complex technology evolves.

I love this! I put a lot of my creative energy into building, maintaining and updating these online services and I love being able to offer these services to fellow creatives… YOU!

I know many artists don’t enjoy this technical online world like I do, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it has huge potential in order for you to grow.

That’s why I offer these services on your behalf. I take the difficult and technical issues and develop them into simple solutions for you to have an online art presence.

I take real pride in helping artists continue to thrive from their passion…

And I look forward to welcoming you into my circle of new artist friends too!

Mark Lee
Director, Lexi Artistic Services Ltd

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