Email Marketing

Your story is ongoing, and so should your communication with your audience.

Email Marketing setup from only £175

Email marketing has been the key to successful online marketing campaigns for many years now. It’s THE tried and tested method that achieves ongoing success.

It’s rare that a sale will be made on an initial encounter. Interest begins and a potential customer will want some further information about your art, and you, the artist.

Your art is very much a part of you. An interested viewer my like a piece of your art but will not be sold straight away until they further understand that part of you that inspired and created this piece of artwork.

You need to capture this viewer of your art into your audience so you can continue to share your story with them and build up a trusted relationship.

Capturing this viewer of your art by getting them to sign up for your newsletter has many benefits over social media profiles;

  • Social Media promotes paid promotions for your posts to reach most of your followers
  • Followers on social media may only see occasional posts, missing new stories and not being fed your whole story
  • You have no control over design and layout of your posts on social media
  • An email is more personal than a social media post and you have the ability to add the persons name in the email
  • Email can be read at a person’s convenience whereas a social media post my be seen but easily forgotten about

By growing an email audience, you are generating a personal and targeted message to those who like your artwork, and these are the people who will ultimately buy your art.

Here’s some of the benefits of our email marketing services;

  • We set up your account for you
  • We generate your templates in advance to match your website look and feel (consistent branding)
  • Your website will have signup features integrated*
  • Step-by-step guidance on sending a campaign and reviewing statistics from previous campaigns

To enquire about getting your email marketing started, contact us using the form below and we will be in touch to set you up.

*Only for websites provided by Lexi Art
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