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Your website isn’t just a beautiful place to display your art, it is also the hub of your online art marketing strategy

A website is key to having an online profile these days and especially for artists.

Your artwork needs to be displayed in its best possible way, just like an art gallery would. A website is the only place where you get full control over how your image is displayed online.

  • You decide the size
  • Choose your background colours
  • Choose where and what text you have around your art
  • Various interactive options to show your art

Not only do you have the options to control how your art is displayed, your website serves as the central hub for your online art marketing.

With the ability to add various features to encourage visitor interactivity and repeat viewings, you can use your website as a powerful tool to reach increased sales.

With all this in mind, Lexi Art has designed some website templates which meet all the needed criteria of being beautiful and functional.

Not only that, our template designs are simple to create using your artwork and text, meaning quick builds and more importantly for you, affordability!

Our website templates are also customisable and expandable. Add extra features as you grow using our add-ons

Take a look at our template designs below.

Basic Portfolio Website Template – From only £175

Our basic website template offers a beautiful and simple website to enable visitors to see your artwork in a beautiful way.

A great foundation to start off if you have a limited budget and you can always grow your website in the future using our website add-ons.

View our demo websites below.

  • web1


We’re busy developing more add-on features for your websites.

Do you have a specific add-on need? Let us know below…


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