Many people wonder why you even need a website these days with the possibilities of social media.

It’s true that the ability of conducting business through social media has dramatically improved over the years, especially Facebook.

However, there are still lots of problems that you will face trying to run a marketing strategy through social media:

  • You do not have the ability to change the design or layout
  • Posts will be seen sporadically by your followers
  • Images can be compressed giving poor quality images
  • Interactive features are limited
  • You have no control over the order given of your information

But the most important aspect is this:

Social Media Platforms are now competing businesses seeking profit.

Facebook enabled massive growth and offered so much for free. But now it is a publicly listed company which needs to reward shareholders with profit and as such your page posts WILL need to be boosted (i.e. paid promotion) in order for your followers to even see your post.

It is estimated that 10% to 20% of your followers will see your posts if not boosted. That figure seems to be dropping further too…

So, it’s back to the “traditional” method of using Social Media to gather attention and lead them to your website.

It the basics of a sales funnel and allows interested clients to come to see your work in the best possible way.

why you need an art website

With your website, you have full control over how you, as an artist, your story and your artwork is portrayed.

With a website you can choose if images are priority, what background colours are used, where images are in relation to text.

You get to decide yourself if you want adverts splashed all around your images… or not! And if you do, you can choose what to advertise (with your values!)

You, as an artist have a story to tell. Your art is part of that story.

Many customers will return to you because of that story, not just because they like a piece of your art.

So, you need to do two things…

  • Be able to tell your story… from start to finish, in order, like a book. Sporadically seen posts on Social Media doesn’t allow that.
  • Build relationships and keep in contact with customers/clients to keep them updated with new art, news and any offers you have.

Using a traditional sales funnel technique with email marketing allows you to do this from your website.

sales technique for artists website

Use social media to gather attention to your artwork. Encourage those who are interested in your art to visit your website where they can find out more about you and see your work in a better way.

Your website will be welcoming and enticing, like a beautiful gallery. You have access to various options and even interactive features to encourage further interaction from your visitor.

It’s actually quite rare that people will buy art at this first visit. Customers are often interested in knowing the artist more… so from here, you encourage your visitors to sign up for your email newsletters.

In your regular email newsletters you get to continuously share your story, telling your audience about new experiences and ideas that have led to new artwork. You get to update your audience on progress of pieces. You get to continuously interact and build your relationships with your audience which leads to…


Now I know that a lot of artists are not interested in doing any of this marketing, sales and promotion activity… so I just want to remind you:


And if you want a successful business… you NEED a marketing and sales system.

Successful artists realise and accept this. They either learn or outsource their marketing.

Those that don’t? They mainly sit on the sidelines, complaining they don’t make any sales, have expectations that their art should just sell because they are “an artist” and aren’t willing to invest in themselves other than art materials.

Businesses need business actions to succeed.

You are no different!

Anyway… this is where we are passionate!

We care for artists and we have realised that artists need these systems. We can help provide the platforms you need to get yourself started with your art business.

Feel free to reach out for any advice or assistance… we look forward to helping you thrive!